Born in 1991.
I got a Master’s Degree in Cultural Studies with a specialization in Visual Culture (University of Warsaw, Institute of Polish Culture) in 2017. My artistic activities include techniques such as paper collage, digital collage and mixed media works. So far my works have been published, among others, in the MASS (UK), Playboy (PL) and SLEVIN Magazine (IDN). At the beginning of 2020 I was selected to All SHE Makes (USA) community which aims to increase the visibility of female artists on the art market. In July 2020 I was a part of the ENCLAVE Arts Residency at the Propaganda Gallery (Warsaw) where I created a zine called “Love is what we need”. A part of this work was presented at the “We Are People” exhibition at the Labirynt Gallery (Lublin).

Artist Statement:
Tear, cut-off, displacement, compound, transition, crossing out, overwriting. The collage technique gives the opportunity to express a disagreement with the patriarchal narration that habitually ignores women’s voices and points of view. To create a new perspective, basing on what the world, as we find it now, offers. I transform existing images by taking them out of their primary context and combining them into a new reality. The fragmentariness becomes a bond.

With my works I try to create a new language with which I can convey a female perspective and, moreover, a lesbian one. It is an overlay of intimate and personal aspects which are still thoroughly political.

In the collage technique we may see some of the instruments and therapeutic processes being transferred into the field of art. We may see a work on things we have experienced / seen / absorbed. A work through the old to form a further way of demeanour and extracting a content from the inside. Yet the foundation to be reckoned with, even when it’s deeply dug out, is what has been already made and preserved until now.

The art technique which I use lets me obtain an illusion of having control over my surroundings. At the same time, it lets me show a powerlessness for which there is no place in the capitalist culture. It also lets me expose an anxiety from being ill-assorted, being “beyond” and the impossibility of finding oneself.

Collective exhibitions:

  • 9.2020: „We Are People”, Labirynt Gallery, Lublin (PL)
  • 2.2020: „The Art of Love II”, Envision Arts online gallery, Dallas (Texas, USA)
  • 24.5.2019: Pop-Up exhibition „Popatrz na/we/przeze mnie” (Look at/inside/through me), Cafe Bar Poczekalnia, Łódź (PL)



  • 3.2021: Art Hole: 10 (printed, UK)
  • 3.2021: ArtMagazineium, March Issue  [link]
  • 1.2021: the MASS, January: ERASE issue (UK) [link]
  • 3.2020: the MASS, March: MATRIARCHY issue (UK) [link]
  • 3.2020: Florence Contemporary Gallery Catalog, 01 issue (IT) [link]
  • 2.2020: SLEVIN Magazine, 7th issue (IDN) [link]
  • 11.2019: Playboy magazine, 11/2019 issue, illustration for an article by Kacper Bartosiak (PL)
  • 10.2019: Playboy magazine, 10/2019 issue, illustration to a short story by Piotr Fiedler (PL)
  • 3.2019: PROwincja Magazine (PL) [link]


  • 2.2020: Honorable Mention at „The Art of Love II” exhibition, Envision Arts online gallery

Arts Residency:

  • 7.2020: Enclave, Propaganda Gallery (Warsaw, PL)